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Working Together


"I think of Christy as an on-call, expert "problem untangler." We have called on her many times at Buffer when relationships were strained when folks weren't understanding one another when the problem just seemed too big to manage. Each and every time, Christy dove in, deeply listened to all parties and then provided wise, practical, action-oriented advice to move things forward. I'm so grateful to have Christy in my corner, both as a coach for me as an individual and as a trusted advisor for Buffer as a company"

—  Courtney Seiter, Director of People at Buffer

As a leader, the work you are tasked with – guiding people – can be overwhelming at best. The challenge of developing an internal culture while also being impacted by organizational goals and needs can be stressful. The weight of your responsibility is further enhanced by the current social, political, and racial conditions that are forcing us all to expand our skills so we can effectively lead ALL of our teams, which often includes leading people who are very different from us - and that isn't always easy or intuitive.
Equally as important, is the overall culture, work style, and practices of the workplace.  Creating a culture that is inclusive of everyone, especially Black women, doesn't automatically happen but it can be achieved through deliberate and intentional actions...and we can help!

Simply put, your task is hard; but, you don’t have to go at it alone.


Our coaches are here to assist you.


Combining professional expertise with lived experience, our team will be the accountability partner and the strategic thinker you need to help create a road map to success. Coaches don’t tell you what to do, we listen to your goals and help you figure out how to get there.


Need someone to bounce ideas off of and talk through last-minute questions or issues that pop up?  Ask about our monthly strategic coaching retainer program!

To get started, complete this questionnaire below so we can match you with the coach best prepared to meet your needs.

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Our coaching sessions typically take place over Zoom and you will get a recorded copy of your session(s) so you can refer back to them as often as needed.  For larger-scale organization or department-wide work,, we will customize the approach that works best for your team.

Thank you! We've received your submission and will contact you soon.


"Mistakes are a fact of life.  It is the response to the error that counts."

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