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The Our Truths’ Speakers Bureau is a community of celebrated Black women speakers, trainers, and emcees who bring a wealth of noted expertise and lived experience. From company retreats to custom workshops, keynote presentations to technical conferences, speakers in the Bureau are expertly matched to fit the needs of an event of any size or need.


In 2018, event management platform Bizzabo released a “Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events Report” that revealed almost 70% of professional event speakers, specifically for conferences and meetings, are male. Additional web searches continue to present countless articles about the lack of Black women (and other women of color) as lead speakers, on main stages.


With Black women leading the Black population, workplaces, and associations with a commitment to presenting a more inclusive environment must make strides to have greater racial and gender diversity at their events.

Let Our Truths’ Speakers Bureau assist you in booking one of our TED talk-giving, PhD having, C-Suite seat filling women, who are ready to take your event or organization to the next level. Tell us about your event and we will find the perfect speaker for you.

To learn more about our speakers and find the perfect person for your event visit our featured speakers page.

“I was built this way for a reason, so I'm going to use it.”

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