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Our Truths is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for organizations and leaders who are looking to better support their workforce by advocating for Black Women.


According to McKinsey & Company, leading global management consultancy, and the 2020 Women in the Workplace study, Black women are less likely to feel their managers support them at work. Despite efforts that place a spotlight on the need for more women leaders, Black women continue to operate from the bottom rungs of success in acknowledgement of value, access to top-tier leadership positions, and pay equity.


The McKinsey study goes on to highlight:

“Compared with their colleagues of other races and ethnicities, Black women have always had distinct, and by and large worse, experiences at work. They are promoted more slowly than other groups of employees and are significantly underrepresented in senior leadership. They are less likely than women of other races and ethnicities to say their manager advocates for new opportunities for them. And they have fewer interactions with senior leaders, which means they often don’t get the sponsorship and advocacy they need to advance. Given these challenges, it’s not surprising that Black women are less likely than employees of other races to report they have equal opportunity to advance at work.

Black women also deal with more day-to-day bias in their workplaces. They face a wider range of microaggressions, from having their judgment questioned to hearing demeaning remarks about themselves or people like them. Additionally, half of Black women are often Onlys for their race. Black women who are Onlys are especially likely to feel scrutinized, under increased pressure to perform, and as if their actions reflect positively or negatively on people like them.”

These historical truths are the foundation of Our Truths.

Through a variety of programs, Our Truths works with organizations, and their leadership, to uproot the oft challenging work environments for Black women, and works to truly anchor allyship in action.  Together, we build a reservoir of deep trust that is inclusive and deeply committed to the advancement of Black women.


Our Truths works to:

  • Create intentional safe spaces for Black women on your team

  • Navigate and facilitate difficult conversations that center the black woman’s voice

  • Design experiences that celebrate the value of black voices and acknowledge the expertise they bring

  • Promote a sense of belonging and community

  • Guide diversity and inclusion strategies and solutions


“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines.  You make progress by implementing ideas.”

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