Our Truths is an organization for, by, and about Black Women. We are dedicated to providing resources, advocacy, and opportunities for  Black Women, Our Truths is designed to help each Black Woman achieve her authentic greatness. Our Truths will serve as a mouthpiece, think tank, and a circle of support. This collective of Black Women will help each other, share knowledge, and create a safe space for Black Women in the present while journeying towards the future. 

Hello Ladies,

Do you remember your first day at a new job or your first day at a new school?  You were probably eager and a little terrified, all at the same time. Then, while you're sitting in orientation, you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of another Black woman. You smile, nod and resist the urge to run over right away but, you make a beeline for her at the first break. Do you remember the moment you two connected and had an entire conversation without saying a word? Well, this group is your virtual safe space to recreate that feeling everyday! Here you can find your "girls" and your sense of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic and crazy world. And girl, don't we need that?


We all know it is HARD being a Black woman in America. Our mere existence, without being labeled as angry, loud, overly sexual, aggressive, emotional, etc. is exhausting!! Navigating our daily lives and being so many things to so many people, and often doing it in a way that makes others comfortable, is stressful. The question is, what does this performance cost us? All of that anxiety will wear us down physically, mentally and emotionally, if we don't have a way to relax, rebuild and re-energize. That's why I started Our Truths. I wanted to create an organization that understood us, believed in us, supported us and equipped us with what we needed to face another day, on our terms. Let's use our knowledge, our successes, our questions and most importantly - Our Truths - to create the lives we all deserve. Welcome to Our Truths!


Yours in Truth,



“I wouldn’t be here without all of the Black Women around me.  Put us together and we can do anything.”