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We transform the knowledge base of organizations with brilliant Black women!
Our training quickly upskills your staff.
Our coaches help you fully engage your diverse talent.
Our speakers share their unique and proven expertise with organizations around the world.

"As you move up - as you engage more and more people in the company and take on broader roles - the idea of 'looking the part' becomes more and more of a challenge when you don't look the part. But there's nothing I can do or wanted to do about being a black female - I kind of like both of those things. So, at the end of the day, the people who were around me had to do a little bit more adjusting than I did."


Hello Leaders,

I want to first acknowledge that this is an incredibly challenging season for all of us, for a variety of reasons. This time is proving to be a series of climactic moments that will forever stain our country and our world. As we experience a global pandemic, underscored and highlighted by hundreds of years of systemic racism, both are further exacerbated by the trauma-filled headlines and even more egregiously the harmful acts to our fellow neighbors that the headlines are covering.  We are collectively in mourning, in shock, and experiencing communal trauma.

In short, we are not ok. 

If you are visiting this website, that likely means that the wreckage from of our new existence has spilled into your workplace or your professional association or in your social circles. And more than its mere existence, you are interested in going beyond the performance and move towards true understanding and sustainable commitments.   

I developed this safe space initially as a triage center to hold and center the voices of Black women as they navigated their new personal and professional landscape. For months, I have walked alongside those women and advocated for professional safety and inclusion in their workspaces, created resources for personal self-care, and have designed workshops and tools that further supported their growth and development. 

During this same time, I was being asked to design programs and processes for organizations as they also worked to support these women. Workplaces just like yours had similar concerns to my initial vision which was to support those women leaders who are experiencing exhaustion, but also recognized that they needed to increase their bandwidth for what support truly meant. 

While I will continue my journey creating safe spaces for Black women to be authentically supported and heard, I am shifting my focus to ensure that I am not just “preaching to the choir,” but instead supporting leaders who are interested in growing and building their bottom line through the intentional development of diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.  

I invite you and your organization to be a part of the community we are nurturing so that you may better serve your number one asset - your employees. 

Thank you, in advance, for committing to hearing, valuing, and advancing Black women.

Yours in Truth,


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