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Nekasha Pratt

Sharing insightful, engaging content that transforms

Nekasha Pratt

Topics include:

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • Personal and Business Branding

  • Strategy

  • Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Corporate Culture

Available for:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout sessions

  • Facilitation

  • Panel discussions


Nekasha (pronounced "Ne-kee-sha") Pratt is a nationally-recognized speaker, having spoken to audiences as large as 900 people as a keynote presenter and panelist. She has presented for organizations such as the International Black Film Festival, Willis Group, US Travel, Dollywood, 36|86 Conference, Black Women in Creatives Spaces and Together Digital.

Nekasha is an award-winning marketer. Campaigns she's helped manage have won several national creative awards, including a Webby, Adweek’s Experiential Award, an Addy and an Effie, as well as three international Cannes Lions awards. Nekasha is considered a thought-leader in her industry. She has been interviewed on a variety of topics - including marketing, tourism, mentoring, leadership and branding - for features by BizWomen, Crain's, BrandWise, xoNecole, Lipstick Economy Podcast, Platform Magazine, CrowdRiff and Business Journal.

She is currently Tennessee Tourism's Director of Marketing and owns the marketing firm Bright Advisory Group. Nekasha has held leadership positions at global organizations, national marketing agencies, nonprofits, a state travel and tourism board and worked with Fortune 500 companies. She leverages her 15+ years' of experience as a brand and marketing strategist, and her knowledge of storytelling, to engage and inspire audiences.

Nekasha’s presentations are a combination of experience, data, humor and practical application that leave attendees with actionable takeaways. In the words of Maya Angelou "People will forget what you said...but people will never forget how you made them feel," and that's the goal of her speeches - for people to feel transformed and inspired.

Why She Is Your Speaker

Top conference presenter – 92% found it extremely or very helpful.’


“Thank you so much for a great presentation.  I left intrigued, shocked, educated and most of all wanting to hear more.”

Anita M.

“Nekasha Pratt brought down the house with some innovative creative featured in a low-budget strategy that went viral all o0ver the country.  Amazing story and some amazing numbers.”

Eve H.

“Thank you for your insight and providing everyone in attendance a foundation for initiating these necessary and important (diversity) conversations.”

Robert R.

Most Requested Talks

Why you should diversify your network

This session addresses how a diverse network can change your career, how to evaluate your existing network, the different types of connections you need and action steps to diversify your network.

The importance of emotion in marketing

Covers how to identify and highlight a message that will make your marketing go viral (even

without a big budget) and why emotion can lead your customer/audience to action.

Diversity benefits everyone

What diversity is and how it’s different from inclusion will be covered during this talk. Why

inclusion must be addressed before diversity and how unconscious bias can derail inclusion efforts will also be discussed.

Your brand, your way

The first four steps to take when creating your personal brand will be addressed.  A  checklist of what you’ll need, best practices and free resources will also be reviewed.

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