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Stacy Davidson

Helping people access their inner strength and power

Stacy Davidson

Topics include:

  • Team Dynamics

  • Women' Issues

  • Relationships

  • Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

  • Parenting

  • Certified MBTI Practitioner

Available for:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout sessions

  • Facilitation

  • Panel discussions

  • Workshops


Stacy Davidson is a native of Newport News, Virginia. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in psychology as a first generation college student.  Not having any idea what she wanted to do after college, she moved to California to “find herself” and figure out what life had in store for her.  After two years of discovery, she was led to her chosen profession in student affairs at Bowling Green State University, where she earned her Master of Arts degree.  

During her life’s work of 30+ years as a student affairs practitioner, Stacy mentored, advised and coached countless college students, preparing her to share her wisdom and experience to a wider audience. In her personal life,  her  journey is a story of survival and phenomenal will.  Stacy has navigated divorce, cancer, loss of an unborn child, a home, jobs, single parenting a son, dating and addiction.  Through it all, she has developed and accessed her PHENOMENAL WILL.

Why She Is Your Speaker

"Stacy has the natural ability to connect intimately with her audience - no matter how small or large the size. She is dynamic, relatable, and transformative! Stacy uses her own personal story, obstacles, and triumphs to not only remind others of their own power and purpose, but to motivate them to take the necessary steps to move toward the life they've always dreamed of."

Tiffany Wiggins, Ph.D

Founder, Black Girl Mentor, LLC

"Stacy Davidson served as an integral part of the Diversity Institute at Old Dominion University for more than six years. Each semester, she would lead the orientation session of the 13-week program which fostered cultural competency and aimed to shift perspective and behaviors towards advancing positive social change.  Additionally, Ms. Davidson led the segment on self-identity and identity development.  Her delivery was caring, informative, compassionate and visionary.  Students appreciated her expertise as well as her personal stories.  She is a role model for making connections between personal journey and self-actualization for social change."

Ms. Alicia Phillips, Higher Education Professional

Most Requested Talks

Phenomenal Will

Life is like the Amazing Race.  You find yourself in new places full of breathtaking beauty and splendor yet filled with obstacles and challenges to overcome.  We don’t often realize or acknowledge that the best resources we have to be an overcomer are within each of us - resilience, grit, determination, belief in self and volition, the use of our WILL.  In this workshop, Stacy will share her personal journey to help participants consider/access their inner strength and power/self-agency in the execution of their daily lives.

Double D's: Divorce and Dating in the 21st Century

An indomitable will is a pre-requisite to dating after a divorce. Married for 20 years, Stacy decided to divorce her husband and leave behind a lonely, failed marriage.  Dating for the last 10 years can be described as both a comedy of errors and a sad state of affairs.  Stacy will encourage women to be resilient, self-aware and joyful in both dating and marriage.

Failing Well: Academic Success Strategies for College Students

What does academic success in college mean for students?  Is it grades? Is it membership in honor societies? Is it test performance? How well do students recover from a perceived failure? Is failure a B for some and a F for others?  Failing well is  crucial component of student success that builds resilience and self-agency.  Stacy will motivate, inspire and encourage students with specific, research based success strategies that will benefit students beyond the first year.  This is an excellent workshop for New Student Orientation/Welcome Week programming!

Breaking News: You're an Addict

What does it mean to live your life as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic (ACOA), thinking your challenges related to financial management are the only aspect of your life impacted?  It’s very helpful until you learn that addictive behavior is not isolated to only one aspect of your life.  Addiction is insidious and pervasive. How do you overcome addictive behavior while appearing to be a fully functioning adult?  Stacy will share her journey of self-awareness and Phenomenal Will that helped her overcome addictive behavior and belief systems.

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