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Nile Harris

Doing good in the world by helping do-gooders do good

Nile Harris

Topics include:

  • Marketing / Branding / PR

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Women's Issues

  • Healthcare / Medicine

  • Personal and Professional Development

Available for:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout sessions

  • Training

  • Panel discussions


Nile Harris is a coach, consultant, advisor, speaker, and educator. She is one of the Amazon best-selling authors of 20 Beautiful Women Volume 5, sharing her story of how to be bulletproof when others are taking aim. Gifted in the art of strategy creation and execution, she works with businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to transform their passion and purpose into P.R.O.F.I.T. by helping them unleash their warrior spirit and liberate their dreams from the confines of their mind.

As the founder of HVG Consulting and Advisory and Warrior Unleashed Coaching, and the creator of Warrior Jump School, she provides keynotes, educational content, and results-based executive, life, and business coaching programs to help warriors accelerate their results and make the J.U.M.P.

In her 20+ years of experience, Nile has worked with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits in the financial services, life sciences, and education sectors, generating millions in revenue and delivering results by taking action. Her agility fuels her innovation by enabling her to connect dots and apply knowledge across multiple industries.

Nile consults and coaches organizations and individuals to clarify vision, craft winning strategies, and execute plans with laser-like precision to realize mission-critical outcomes.  Having successfully made several jumps in her life, Nile earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences in interpersonal and speech communications in four years from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Following her tenure at world-renowned investment banks, she was admitted to the University of Michigan Business School as a Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellow, receiving a full-tuition fellowship.

During her journey at the world's leading pure-play medical device company, she demonstrated her general management and strategic agility starting as a global IT project manager, transitioning to corporate strategy, followed by a sales/marketing role working with surgeons in the OR. Upon her transition to marketing, she turned around her product franchise exceeding the revenue target, and gained distinction as a Global Innovation Fellow, and won a Marketing Innovation award for her work in healthcare economics.

Subsequently selected as a Broad Center for the Management of School Systems resident, she led strategy for the largest Charter Management Organization in Tennessee, earning her a Master of Education in Education Leadership.

On the path to fulfilling her mission to close the wealth, health, and education disparity gap in America, Nile currently, serves as an Advisor in Residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center,  a named Advisory Board Member for a medical device startup, an Expert Advisor for Life Science Tennessee, and as Vice President of Matthew Walker Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic Board of Directors.

Her why is to do good in the world by helping do-gooders do good in the world.

Why She Is Your Speaker

"I so enjoyed Nile's way of relating with our class. She was full of genuine, inspired, practical, and energetic valuable information."

Alison B.

"Nile is absolutely a dynamic woman who is going to change the lives of thousands of people all around the world. I'm going to immediately refer her to some of my friends. The transformation she offers people is so refreshing."

Christie R.

Most Requested Talks

Women Warriors Don’t Apologize

The Subtle Art of Being a Boss & Taking Up Space 

As women (or POC) we can take an approach of downplaying our talents and gifts in order to fit in while hoping to get the recognition that will move our careers forward. Or perhaps we’ve started our businesses and want to be taken seriously as a boss when it comes to winning clients or investment opportunities. Let’s stop apologizing for our mere presence in the room and use our warrior spirits to be.

Reignite Your Warrior Spirit: 

Embracing Fear As A Catalyst for Change 

Fear can be a friend, a foe, or a fire. As a friend, fear alerts us to danger, but as a foe, it can keep us stuck. When we awaken our inherent warrior spirit we can use fear as a catalyst for change. These simple tactics will reignite the warrior in you to pursue your passion and purpose.   

How To Make The JUMP From Worrier to Warrior: 

Signs You Are Ready To Leave The Comfort For the Growth Zone  

When you're called to something greater, it can be scary. It can also be difficult to move through fear. I'm sharing signs you're more ready than you believe and how to go from fearful to fearless.

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