'Rona is teaching us all there is more than one way to do things....so our BGM fun continues online

I looked at my calendar and had to fight back tears earlier today! Normally, I would be packing for my Black Girls Magic weekend. You remember, that’s the trip that taught me how essential it is for Black women to have a strong community of other Black women. The annual trip where I sit with seven of the best, smartest, most resourceful, and funniest Black women I have ever known and recharge while I equip myself to face another year. Well, the pandemic that will not be named has kept me from it…or so I thought.

While talking to another one of my girls, she reminded me that there is a difference between not doing something and not doing something the way you use to do it. So, I am still having my Black Girl Magic weekend – but this year you’re all joining in!

We typically have a weekend full of events so that’s what we’re putting together for…

2020 Black Girl Magic Weekend – reimagined

All events are listed on the events page in our network (yes OUR network). You can sign up and get all the details at www.SharingOurTruths.com Make sure you RSVP early and share it with your girls so you can have your own Black Girls Magic weekend.

Happy Hour and Blowjobs / Sex Toy 101

Friday, August 7th at 7pm

Yep, you read that right. We will kick off the night with our bartenders, Courtney Clayton owner of Luxe Libations. She will show us how to make a couple of delicious cocktails. We’ll send you the ingredient list ahead of time so you’re ready to shake, stir, and sip. After our drink we will have Orgasm Activist, Ashley Cobb teach us how to give good head (we’re all grown so don’t act embarrassed now). Most of us have questions or concerns. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or desire to learn new techniques, this fabulous fellatio class covers all the bases. She will also talk about some great toys and general ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Bring paper and pencil, and something practice one (I said something, not someone…this ain’t that kind of party).

Brunch and Black is King

Saturday, August 8th at 10am

Grab your favorite brunch plate and join us for a zoom, virtual screening and discussion of Beyonce’s visual album, Black is King. We’ll watch it together, then have a discussion after. We’ll also keep the chat box open during the show so we can share our thoughts in the moment. This will definitely work better on a laptop or tablet than your phone. No one wants a 6” Beyonce.

Scattergories Game Night

Saturday, August 8th at 8 pm

The thing we do more than anything else during our BGM weekends is laugh so let’s all laugh together. We’re playing virtual scattergories. Grab pen and paper and be ready to get creative. The zoom version is just as much fun as doing it in person, but you can do it in your PJs. This also works better on a laptop (my 40+ year old eyes can’t make out that tiny font on my phone). Plus, here is another chance to practice the cocktails you learned to make the night before.

Goal Setting and Accountability Partner Pairing

Sunday, August 9th at 2 pm

Our goal and strategy sessions were always one of my favorite parts of the weekend, so I really wanted to recreate that. We are all working on things and sometimes need a little help getting from point A to point B. Let’s help each other. This session will help all of us define our top three goals, create a plan to help us get there, and pair us with an accountability partner to make sure we stay on track.

Make sure you RSVP for every event by going to the Our Network page on the Our Truths website, you have to be a member of the network and RSVP to attend, membership is free so sign up today...membership has its privileges.

I am still REALLY missing my girls, but I must admit, I’m excited to share our experience with all of you. Kimberly, Kinika, Piia, Mary, Camille, Monica, and Arion…this is for you! Love you ladies!!!


Author and Our Truths founder, Christy Pruitt-Haynes combined her 20 years of leadership in organizations including The Memphis Grizzlies, MTV Networks and Infiniti with an education in Human Resources and Organizational Development to create Christy Pruitt-Haynes Consulting and change the professional landscape for women and people of color while helping organizations achieve excellence.  This TEDx talk giving executive, wife, mother, aunt, daughter, sister and friend loves travel, laughing uncontrollably and losing herself in great music.

Theme song: I was here by Beyoncé

Superpower: Resourcefulness

Proudest moments: The births of my daughter Christiana, niece Nia and organization Our Truths