Joy Johnson-Carruthers

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion

Topics include:

  • Corporate Culture 

  • Workspace Success

  • Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

  • Leadership

Available for:

  • Keynotes

  • Breakout sessions

  • Facilitation

  • Training

  • Emceeing

  • Panel discussions


Joy Johnson-Carruthers, SHRM-SCP, is a Master Trainer, Workforce Development Leader and diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate with over twenty years of experience developing high performing teams across the United States and abroad. Most recently named Diversity and Inclusion Professional of the Year, Joy is a Middle Tennessee Society for Human Resource Management board member and serves as the director of Diversity and Inclusion.  Joy is a Learning & Development leader with HCA Healthcare/ HealthTrust and holds a Master of Cultural Studies from UCLA.

Joy’s career began in the United States Army, and later as a police officer in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her law enforcement career ended when a drunk driver rear-ended her patrol car.  Joy went on to find her passion in training and education, working as an adjunct professor of Humanities and Cultural Studies and studying abroad in West Africa and South Korea.

Why She Is Your Speaker

“Joy was an engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter – did an awesome job!”

Phillip Breedlove, Senior Manager, HealthTrust Corporate Supply Chain

“Joy was phenomenal in leading us through some difficult D&I conversations.”

Clay Culwell, Assistant Director Tennessee Department of Transportation

“Joy was a great presenter. She was very energetic and kept the presentations on track.”

Diana Camacho-Lindsey, Senior People Advisor, Waste Management

Most Requested Talks

Let’s Talk About It; A Courageous Conversation about Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Self-reflection and dialogue are needed to better understand why people and organizations struggle to address the many facets of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Through courageous conversations about self, perception, and acceptance, participants gain thought-provoking insights in a safe and brave space.  This presentation allows participants to speak, hear, and better understand ways to build bridges of understanding, trust, and respect of differences.

Diversity Fatigue; Why Change Matters

Most diversity and inclusion initiatives fall short. Some efforts actually increase tension and resistance.  Examine ways to promote change in any environment.  Hear best practices and lesson’s learned from leading institutions that failed to launch well-intended D&I  initiatives.  Learn how to engage teams and audiences with proven strategies for success while avoiding burnout and “diversity fatigue”.

Facing the uncomfortable Silence

Inclusion is more than a call for civility, or a healthy display of social media hashtags.  Real inclusion calls for the disruption of thought processes and going beyond a two-hour unconscious bias workshop.  Explore ways to communicate authentically to remove discomfort and shift towards collaboration, team building and intentional inclusion of marginalized groups.

When Smart People Fail; Lessons Learned from the Upside of Down

Through personal stories of success, failures, betrayals, and injustice, Joy walks the audience through her amazing journey to becoming a diversity and Inclusion advocate, thought leader, and award-winning community activist.